With Jim Savage, LCDC


A New Paradigm For Substance Use Disorder Treatment

April 13, 2020

"The vast untapped potential the family represents with regard to improving treatment outcomes."

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I would love to have the opportunity to tell you about an important new advancement in the field of addiction treatment.

One of the most common challenges to treatment efforts is simply the fact that the family is not in treatment with the client! This results in an inherent gap between the client, the family and the treatment team. And this gap is where important things can end up falling through the cracks and ultimately lead to compromised treatment efforts.

But the RehabWorks Family Support Program solves this problem by creating an entirely new level of family engagement in treatment. And I'd like to show you how.

In this time of isolation and Zoom meetings, I would like to invite you to schedule a time for me show you the RehabWorks program. The Zoom meeting is actually an ideal way to demo the program, as it provides an easy way to review many key elements, such as:

• videos and PDF content

• interactive worksheets

• tools families receive for measuring client progress and restoring family balance

• clinical integration

• efficacy data

Who would benefit from a RehabWorks Live Demo?

Therapists, Interventionists, Sober Living Owners   Valuable resource for working with families addressing substance use of a loved one.

Business Development Specialists   Intervention tool to offer families considering treatment for a loved one.

Treatment Facilities    Make RehabWorks part of your own program for improved outcomes.

Let's connect!

To make this really easy, I've provided a link to my calendar below; just open it up and find a time that works for you. You don't have to go anyplace. I don't have to go anyplace. And we'll both be enriched by spending a little time together. I look forward to hearing from you!


RehabWorks Live Demo: 60-minute meeting with Jim Savage, LCDC