Jim Savage, LCDC

To schedule an appointment, please call (214) 789-8456

Regular counseling sessions are approximately 50 minutes long.

Assessments are scheduled for 80 minutes, but 2 hours are blocked out on the calendar to ensure proper amount of time to:

a. Meet with parents (if adolescent) to gather information, orient them to what is involved in assessment and potential recommendations, and provide initial feedback regarding the presenting case;

b. Meet with the child to gather information, provide education about what it means to have a problem, and provide feedback regarding his/her use and discuss recommendation;

c. Meet with parents to process results and recommendation.

Extended sessions may be scheduled for conjoint session with parents and child and/or other family members.

All PREVENT! sessions are 80 minutes.

CANCELLATIONS: Appointments not cancelled 24 hours prior to scheduled time will be charged the regular rate of scheduled session.


Regular office visit (50 min)                                                       $125

Assessment and recommendation (80 min)                              $185

Extended session (80 min)                                                        $185

Written reports (for attorneys, court, probation,                    

schools, etc)                                                                               $100

Returned check fee                                                                     $30



Payment of fee is expected at the time of each appointment. You may pay by cash, check, or credit card. Jim Savage, LCDC does not accept insurance, however if requested, receipts and documentation for submission to your insurance company for possible out-of-network reimbursement will be provided.

Please download, print out, and complete the following forms and bring with you to your first session.


Note: For parents scheduling an appointment for adolescent substance abuse assessment, your child will be asked to review and sign these as well. In some circumstances you may choose to wait until you arrive at the office before presenting the child with this paperwork.