The first sign of a substance abuse problem is often not the actual drug use.

Substance use may be a problem before parents have any idea it exists, but problems are being seen in other areas: truancy, poor grades, family problems, legal problems, poor health, change in friends, etc.

When in doubt, rule it out. Get an assessment!

It doesn’t hurt to rule out the possibility that substance use could be contributing to the problems. If this isn’t the problem, then a plan can be developed to pursue other efforts to address the problem. On the other hand, it is not unusual for parents to be stunned when they find out the truth about what their child has been up to. In many cases, identifying the need to treat a substance abuse problem may being saving their child’s life.

The PREVENT! Program

A 5-session individualized program that provides the most effective way of addressing substance abuse issues for teens and young adults.




The first step in addressing a substance use problem is getting clear about what the problem even is!

Jim Savage specializes in teen and young adult substance abuse assessment and intervention. For more information or to schedule an appointment call (214) 789-8456


Substance use assessment is a 90-minute appointment.

Parents of teens are required to attend. (In most cases, parents of young adult clients are asked to attend as well. This will be discussed at the time of scheduling the appointment.)

The counselor will meet initially with the parents to obtain background information. He will then meet with client to complete the assessment. Recommendations for further action will be discussed with parents after meeting with the client.