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COVID-19 UPDATE: All counseling sessions and support groups are currently being provided through telehealth services. This provides an effective option in light of current social restrictions. We realize that many families may be in the middle of facing a substance use crisis and that a substance use disorder doesn't take a break for the virus. If you feel uncertain about how to proceed at this time, please don't hesitate to call to discuss options.



A structured program for parents of teens and young adults to attend while their loved one is in treatment.

Treatment success is the obvious hope and goal for any parent dealing with a child who has developed an addiction problem. In many cases lives are literally at stake. The RehabWorks Parent Support Program will help you become an "educated consumer" with regard to obtaining the best treatment for your child and getting the most out of it, thereby giving you and your child the best chance for success.

WEEKLY GROUPS: Education and group processing

ONLINE COURSE STUDY: Additional material that provide tasks and practical application

INDIVIDUAL CONSULTATION: Specialized assistance in developing family treatment plans and coaching

AFTERCARE SUPPORT: Ongoing support groups and alumni activities.

“The truth, however, is that when an addict loses the battle to addiction, it’s usually not that difficult to identify what went wrong. It follows that being able to recognize and avoid potential pitfalls is the key to treatment success. That’s what this book is about.”

The Rehab Works! Parent Support Program is a combination of class and support group based on Jim Savage's book Rehab Works! A Parent's Guide to Drug Treatment. It helps parents apply the material from the book while their child is in treatment and drastically improve the chances for treatment success.

Based on years of experience in working with teen addicts and their parents after they have completed primary treatment, Jim Savage provides expert guidance with regard to "what works" and what "doesn't work" in helping young people achieve long-term recovery.  

Here’s what people are saying about Rehab Works!:

If your child is stuggling with a substance abuse or addiction problem this information is a must!

Cherye Callegan, MD

Medical Director, The Ranch at Dove tree

“I wish we would have had this information after my daughter’s first rehab. It could have prevented a lot of heartache as a result of a bad relapse.”

Jenny W.

Parent of an 18 year-old in recovery

Rehab Works!

A Parent’s Guide to Drug Treatment


A 12-week program for parents of substance abuse treatment clients (teens or young adults)

Phase I

Tuesdays, 5:30-8:30pm

4 weeks

$100 per week


          Education and group processing of treatment-specific topics

          Access to online coursework and workbook assignments for practical application

Intensive immersion in specially designed material that leads to treatment success:

Stages of Change: Learn how to assess your child’s progress and make sure s/he is developing a solid foundation for recovery.

Relapse Prevention: Understand the importance of dealing with triggers and learn how to establish an effective relapse prevention plan.

12-Step Recovery: Gain a better understanding of how AA, NA, and Al-Anon work and how to make sure you and your child are “working the program.”

Family Systems: Learn how to establish healthy boundaries, eliminate dynamics that enable unhealthy behavior, and create a system that supports recovery.

Communication: Gain valuable communication tools that will lead to more effective interaction with your child regarding treatment issues.


Online course material with workbook assignments that produce tangible results for increasing treatment effectiveness.

Treatment progress: Utilizing staff support and guidelines for measuring progress  

Preparing for discharge: Begin as soon as possible! IOP selection, transitional living options, locating and developing plan for 12 Step meeting schedule, and more.

Phase II

Tuesdays, 7-8:30

8 weeks

$50 per week

Phase III: Alumni

Tuesdays, 7-8:30 Ongoing (lifetime member!)

Free of charge

Ongoing support, fellowship, and recovery

Parent alumni continue to attend the weekly support group for their own continued support and to provide support for newer parents. Also included are opportunities to support and participate in extra-curricular events such as the monthly Artist’s Recovery meeting, recovery workshops, and community education seminars.


Continued support and group processing with other parents:

Treatment progress: Day to day issues related to the client’s ongoing treatment.

Family recovery: Parent’s progress in Al-Anon and learning how to work their own recovery program.



For the best results, parents are encouraged to begin the Rehab Works! Parent Support Program as soon as their child begins treatment.

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