PREVENT! is a 5-session individualized program that provides the most effective way of addressing substance abuse issues with young people:

          For clients in the early stages of substance abuse, it becomes a prevention program.

          For clients with a more severe problem, it becomes an intervention; it helps the client understand why more help is needed, and saves valuable treatment time by not having to argue with a resistant client.

The PREVENT! Program

Intensive evaluation program for teen and young adult substance abuse clients

Stop substance abuse before it becomes a problem!

* Drug awareness education

* Motivational enhancement

* Parent education

* Decisional balancing tools

* Individual and family sessions



"Telling a client their chemical use is a problem—without helping them understand why—is a set-up for a resistance."

The unique feature of PREVENT! is that it helps the client arrive at his or her own decision about how to proceed in addressing a substance abuse issue.

* Education: A specially designed session for client AND parents that examines the difference between social use and addiction.

* Written work: Clients examine their drug use history, symptoms, benefits vs. risks of chemical use, impact of substance abuse, and motivation for quitting.

* Individual and family counseling: Clients discuss their chemical use in three individual session, then review with parents and discuss what needs to happen next in a final family session.



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If you are a parent or a professional who would like to learn more about The PREVENT! Program, this 6-part audio program provides an in-depth discussion of how Jim Savage uses Motivational Intervention to help young people address substance abuse issues. GO NOW >>


Helpful information that provides a glimpse into the type of material presented through the PREVENT! program.

Teen Substance Abuse: A Motivational Approach To Prevention

The key to helping a young person become motivated for positive change with regard to substance abuse is removing denial and helping them identify if there is a discrepancy between:

a) where chemical use has gotten me, versus

b) where I want to be.

This video provides a glimpse into some of the work PREVENT! clients do to examine how substance use has impacted their lives and gain a more clear perspective of "where they are" versus 'where they want to be."

Straight Talk About Addiction

"But it's legal in Colorado!"

"You can't get addicted to pot."

"It's natural; it grows in the ground."

All drug prevention efforts start with being able to have an informed discussion about what constitutes problematic versus non-problematic substance use. Here's a valuable example of how PREVENT! identifies the difference between social use and signs of a problem.

Learn more about what clients learn in PREVENT!


Social Use? Or Symptoms Of Addiction?

What do you say when your teen says, "There's nothing wrong with smoking pot. It's legal in Colorado!"

The changing landscape with regard to legalization of marijuana raises some important questions that are for the most part being ignored. But there are some simple answers that go a long way towards having an informed discussion about substance abuse.