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COVID-19 UPDATE: All counseling sessions and support groups are currently being provided through telehealth services. This provides an effective option in light of current social restrictions. We realize that many families may be in the middle of facing a substance use crisis and that a substance use disorder doesn't take a break for the virus. If you feel uncertain about how to proceed at this time, please don't hesitate to call to discuss options.

Spirituality & Recovery Workshop

"I feel closer to my Higher Power."

"I feel more connected."

"I've never felt so peaceful."

"I talked about things I've never talked about before."

"I've discovered a way to feel good that's way better than drugs."

These are some of the most commonly heard comments following one of Jim Savage's Spirituality & Recovery workshops.

From single group sessions to week-long workshops, Jim Savage provides one of the most unique and powerful experiences treatment clients can have. Combining a highly experiential format with educational material that helps clients explore the relationship between spirituality and addiction, Jim's Spirituality & Recovery workshops are the highlight of many client's treatment experience.



Man's Search for Magic: The Spirituality of Addiction

In this compelling examination of the relationship between spirituality and addiction, Jim Savage identifies man's inherent desire for altered consciousness, and how addiction might be seen as the result of misguided efforts to attain to the mystical experience. The element of ritual is identified for the role it plays as a link between spirituality and addiction. Ritual is used to facilitate the spiritual experience, yet becomes a central part of addiction as well through the "rituals" one develops with addictive behavior. Jung's "spiritus contra spiritum" is examined, examining his assertion that the solution to overcoming addiction is the spiritual experience: "Spirit against the ravages of spirit."

Some of the topics covered in the Spirituality & Recovery Workshop include:

• The Medicine Wheel: "Who am I?" "Am I on the path or off the path?"

• How do I define a "Power greater than myself?"

• The relationship between addiction and spirituality

• Personal transformation

Highlights include:

* Drumming

     Faciltates feelings expression, energy release, group bonding

* Meditation

     Stress management, relaxation, developing intuitive thinking and capacity for inner guidance

* Ritual and ceremony

     Enhances spiritual connection, creates safe environment for deep level of sharing

Bring this inspiring workshop to your clients!

Jim Savage can bring the Spirituality & Recovery workshop to your location and design a program to fit your program's schedule. Options range from 3 hrs to 4 days.

Or... bring your clients to it!

Jim's location at the Dallas Recovery Center provides an enhanced setting for this work. Local treatment programs can take advantage of this by and going there for the workshop and providing clients with a fun and inspiring outing.

Call (214) 789-8456 for more information.


Addiction is identified as a chronic illness that affects us mentally, physically, and spiritually. Yet many people struggle with the spiritual aspect of recovery. Known for his highly creative and experiential approach, Jim Savage has a rich history of facilitating spiritual growth for substance abuse treatment clients.

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