Jim Savage, LCDC

Substance abuse services:

* Counselor

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* Treatment Consultant

Specializing in teens, young adults and parent support

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What's The Problem?

Addressing Early Stage Substance Use With Teens And Young Adults


A comprehensive program for parents addressing substance use with your teen or young adult child child

From taking first steps towards addressing a potential problem:


Prevention Education



Ongoing treatment support

RehabWorks Family Recovery Program

Addressing a substance use issue with a loved one is no easy task for any family. Many families feel lost or overwhelmed when it comes to knowing how to provide effective treatment support. Jim Savage, LCDC specializes helping families make sure they're doing everything they can to give their loved one the best chance possible when addressing a substance use issue.

The RehabWorks Family Recovery Program: An intensive coaching program for parents of teen or young adults being treated for a substance use issue:

• Individual coaching sessions

• Parent support groups

• Online education modules

• Treatment placement and case management

Take control of a situation that has been out of control!

Whether you are just taking the first steps

First steps towards addressing a problem: Intervention, placement, and continued family support

Loved one in currently in treatment: Your own specialized family program as an adjunct what you get through your facility's family program

to be guided by Jim Savage through your loved one's entire treatment process, giving you the best chance possible for treatment success.

"How are we going to  make sure that rehab's going to be successful?"

(Excerpt from an upcoming webinar that will be available on-demand to families addressing a substance use issue with a loved one )