Jim Savage, LCDC

Substance abuse services:

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Specializing in teens, young adults and parent support

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COVID-19 UPDATE: All counseling sessions and support groups are currently being provided through telehealth services. This provides an effective option in light of current social restrictions. We realize that many families may be in the middle of facing a substance use crisis and that a substance use disorder doesn't take a break for the virus. If you feel uncertain about how to proceed at this time, please don't hesitate to call to discuss options.


Navigating the road to successful recovery for a loved one

RehabWorks Family Support Program

For the family who has been struggling with the turmoil of dealing with a loved one's substance use problem, the obvious goal is—not just "rehab"— but SUCCESSFUL rehab. A lot of people go to rehab, but how do we make sure that rehab's going to be successful?

RehabWorks was created to guide families on this journey and give your loved one the best chance possible for treatment success.

A message to families facing a substance use issue with a loved one

From the pain and chaos of addiction to peace of mind!