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COVID-19 UPDATE: All counseling sessions and support groups are currently being provided through telehealth services. This provides an effective option in light of current social restrictions. We realize that many families may be in the middle of facing a substance use crisis and that a substance use disorder doesn't take a break for the virus. If you feel uncertain about how to proceed at this time, please don't hesitate to call to discuss options.



Understanding Substance Use Disorder

No more arguing about what it means to have a "problem!"

The biggest barrier to effective substance use prevention, intervention, and treatment is denial. In other words, not understanding what the problem is. And denial leads to power strruggles, arguments, and ongoing conflict.

"It's just social use"

"I can quit anytime"

"You can't get addicted to pot"

"I'll quit the hard stuff"

This easy-to-use online course provides a convenient solution for addressing substance misuse without getting derailed by denial and misinformation.

Course preview: "What's The Problem?"

The first thing we need to get clear about when addressing a substance use issue what we're even talking about! Understanding Substance Use Disorder begins by clarifying exactly what is meant by the term "problem" when it comes to substance misuse.

"The best presentation on addiction I've ever seen. Cutting edge."

Cherye Callegan, MD, Addictionologist


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• Treatment programs


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