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Part I: The Gnome

Sit back, relax, and travel into the world of imagination with this storytelling presentation of the Grimm Brothers fairy tale The Gnome. Jim Savage recorded this presentation in 1999 and has been using it in his work with substance abuse clients ever since.

1. Introduction: The world of the story

From the beginning of time, man has been using stories to help explain the mysteries of life. Since long before the Internet, or schools, or even books, stories have been used to teach—to pass on the traditions of a culture, and to express our understanding of the world around us.

2. Once upon a time...

The familar beginning to so many tales let's us know that we'e going into a different time and place; someplace special, where things happen "differently" than they do here, today.  

3. The Hero Shuffle

I'm gonna be a Hero, going on a journey now

Well I'm gonna be a Hero, going on a journey now

I'm gonna be a hero and find the King's daughter's somehow

When you're a Hero, you do hard and scary things

When you're a Hero, you do hard and scary things

You ain't got time to worry about tomorrow will bring

4. Into the woods

"And they made their way into the woods. The dark and dangerous woods. Where scary things happen."

Hero stories often involve having to leave a familiar and safe place as the journey leads us into some foreign, and perhaps dangerous place.

5. Bottom of the well

Mood music to go along with what it might feel like to land in a place filled with mystery and danger, yet we know we're supposed to be there.

6. "Over here! Over here!"

"How am I ever going to find those princesses down here? It's so dark, I can't even see my own hand in front of my face." But then he heard a voice off in the distance: "Over here! Over here!"

The Hero's challenges are never easy, and it's often easier to justify why we can't go through with the task at hand and quit before we even begin.

8. Pacing at the bottom of the well

"So he did what anybody would do if they found themselves stranded at the bottom of a well. He began to pace. And he paced back and forth, and back and forth. with his head hanging low, contemplating the dilemma he now found himself in."

The mundane action of "pacing" may prove to be a valuable asset for those seeking to overcome a significant obstacle in their path.

9: Back to the castle

The Hero's Journey is a process that comes full circle. The return to the castle can be a glorious affair, but it doesn't come without a price. Perseverence, dedication, and the ability to withstand challenges that could sabotage the progress that has been made are required to achieve personal transformation.

7. The battle

More mood music to accompany the growing stress of the Hero's challenge. Things are heating up.

I'm gonna be a Hero, set those princesses free

Well I'm gonna be a Hero, set those princesses free

I'm gonna be a Hero, so they can write books about me

Episode 1 (Part I)

The Hero's Journey

A Storytelling Adventure with Jim Savage