With Jim Savage, LCDC


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Pt. II Drug Prevention: What Are We Preventing?

An important point to address when considering drug prevention efforts is the potential for addiction. Drawing on his experience of working in drug treatment, Jim shares that most who have developed a drug or alcohol addictions would give anything to have been able to do things differently if it meant the addiction could have been prevented. A powerful exercise is used to provide a unique perspective of how difficult it is for someone to give up drugs after they have become addicted.

a. Q: "What causes addiction?"

    A: "Using drugs causes addiction!"

b. The neuroscience of addiction reveals addiction to be a chronic condition that occurs as a result of lifestyle choices, i.e. using drugs.

c.  Addiction leads to a conflict between one's values and behaviors.


Teen Substance Abuse

A Motivational Appoach to Prevention and Intervention