With Jim Savage, LCDC


Improving substance abuse treatment outcomes through education. Helpful information for:

* Parents

* Professionals

* Treatment clients


Teen Substance Abuse

A Motivational Appoach to Prevention and Intervention

An important presentation that goes to the heart of drug prevention efforts with young people. Ideal for all youth professionals: school counselors, prevention specialists, criminal justice, therapists, etc.

The following 6-part audio program captures Jim Savage delivering the keynote address at the Dallas Area Drug Prevention Partnership's 2015 Ahead Of The Curve Conference. Hear how he uses Motivational Intervention in addresing substance abuse with young people through The PREVENT! Program.

Pt. I: Introduction to Motivational Intervention

In this talk to an audience of school counselors and drug prevention specialists, Jim Savage stresses the importance of providing this information to those who are working on the front lines with young people on a daily basis. READ MORE...

Pt. II Drug Prevention: What Are We Preventing?

An important point to address when considering drug prevention efforts is the potential for addiction. Drawing on his experience of working in drug treatment, Jim shares that most who have developed a drug or alcohol addictions would give anything to have been able to do things differently if it meant the addiction could have been prevented. READ MORE...

Pt. III: What's The Problem?

The first step in addressing denial when it comes to substance abuse is identifying the confusion that exists with regard to the vast amount of terms used in connection with the issue. To be effective, professionals and the general public alike must be clear about what we're talking about! READ MORE...

Pt. IV:  Getting Clear About Social Use

The changing landscape of public perception and attifude towards drug use—particularly with regard to marijuana—signifies the need for greater understanding of the difference between social use and problematic use of mood altering substances. READ MORE...

Pt. V:  Understanding Addiction

Addiction is a complex issue that is so easily misunderstood! Unfortunately, the prevalence of denial around addiction contributes to the stigma associated with this condition as well people not getting the help they need. READ MORE...

Pt. VI: Motivation For Change

In this section, Jim Savage discusses the importance of recognizing what makes people want to change, and offers tools for helping young substance abusers become motivated to make positive changes with regard to chemical use. READ MORE...