JUNE 11, 2020

Signature 2020: Celebrating Artists and Musicians in Recovery

with Jim Savage, LCDC




WHAT: Signature Live! Online: A livestream show showcasing artists and musicians in recovery

WHEN: Friday June 12, 5pm CST

WHERE: Online at www.signature-live.online

Ever since my early months in recovery back in 1988, I have always had a passion for bridging the world of music, art, and entertainment with the world of recovery. For the past three years I have had the privilege of participating in "Signature", an annual event celebrating artists and musicians in recovery. Under "normal conditions", Signature is like a big recovery festival—there's music, arts and crafts, games, all sorts of great food—but most importantly, it's about recovery-related fellowship.

This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we had to make a decision: cancel Signature, or come up with an alternative that would allow us to go through with the event. When the Signature event planning committee met on April 8, we realized that the unnusual circumstance of quarantine and shelter-in-place represented an opportunity to demonstrate exactly what Signature is all about: connecting people through the universal language of art and music.

We realized right then and there that cancelling the event was not the right answer. Rather, we would present SIgnature online and discover just how powerful that universal language is by showing that we don't all need to be together in the same room to be connected.  

Over the next several weeks we put a plan in motion that that included:

a. soliciting musicians and artists to submit samples of their work along with a description of how their art supports their recovery.

b. developing an online platform capable of presenting an unlimited number artists and musicians in recovery.

c. putting together a "show" to stream at the time of the regularly scheduled event that will serve as our virtual gathering place.

Mission accomplished

As I write this today (June 11):

• We have over 50 artists and musicians on display through the "digital galleries" of our website signature-live.online which will go live at 5pm Friday, June 12

• We have put together a 2-and-half-hour streaming show that showcases as many of these artists and musicians as could could fit in that timeframe (we wish we could fit them all!)

• The website will stay up so these galleries will remain open for public viewing and ongoing submissions!

Special features in the Friday night show:

In addition to the incredible performances and presentations from our contributing artists and musicians, we've got some great speakers and nationally renowned talent.

• Messages from noted addiction and mental health professionals about the role of art and music in overall wellness:

John Talmadge, MD (UT Southwestern Medical Center)

Claudia Black (The Meadows)

Bonnie Cook (Mental Health America)

Jenni Schaefer (Author, "Life Without ED", singer/songwriter)


• National recording artists:

Tommy Womack—legendary Nashville songwriter and author

King Youngblood—Seattle-based alternative rock band


Tomorrow night (June 12) at 5 pm CST

Viewing suggestions:

• Where to view:



YouTube (just type "Signatureliveonline" in the search box)

There's a lot of good music to hear and beautiful art to view; you might consider streaming it on your TV, or make sure you have some good speakers to listen through for the best viewing experience possible.

• Host a watch party!

• Connect through comments!

Let us know you're out there and supporting the performers through the comment sections and like buttons! Tell us where you're tuning in from!

See you tomorrow night!