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A Musical Journey Around The Path Of Life

A closer look at The Journey shows that it is more than just a rock musical that sounds a lot like “The Beatles meet Pink Floyd”, rather, is a sophisticated body of work that offers an intriguing way of viewing life from several different perspectives.

A deep story...

On one level, The Journey is one person’s story of overcoming addiction and finding a new life of happiness and fulfillment in recovery. But it is more. In the world of fairytales and mythology, it is the Hero who triumphantly returns to the kingdom, to be reunited with the King. Or in the Native American tradition it is the Medicine Wheel, which shows that life is a continuous process of growth and change. It’s all this and more. The Journey is the story of Life. Your Life. Find yourself in the songs, and watch your story unfold.

The Medicine Wheel           

As I stand in the East, and the first rays of sunlight dance upon the horizon... I know that my journey is about to begin.” The opening narration of The Journey depicts the image of sun’s daily journey across the sky. From this perspective, The Journey is a musical portrayal of the Medicine Wheel—a Native American model that shows the cyclical nature of Life, a continuous process of growth and change. Each song of The Journey corresponds to a particular position on the Medicine Wheel, thus the title of the workbook- “A Musical Path Around the Wheel Of Life”.

The Hero’s Journey          

On another level, The Journey relates to the ”Hero’s Journey”, a common theme found in the world of fairy tales and mythology that can be seen as a sort of  “psychological roadmap” for personal development. Part I is the “Separation” stage, where the Hero is “separated” from the kingdom; we see the magic and innocence of childhood and subsequent loss of innocence. In Part II, the Hero’s “Initiation” is shown to be the challenges and ordeals we face as we travel our life’s journey.  Part III is the “Return”; just as the Hero triumphantly returns to the kingdom and is reunited with the King, we see that overcoming our challenges leads to spiritual reconnection, the reclaiming of our original wholeness, and ultimately, personal transformation.

Creating A Positive Mythology

Finally, the stage production shows how this plays out in real life, as it presents one person’s story of overcoming challenges and finding happiness and fulfillment in life. The power of The Journey lies in the fact that while it is one person’s story, it is everybody’s story, a powerful story to which everyone can relate. A “rock musical” along the lines of Tommy, Godspell, or The Wall, productions of The Journey are immensely moving experiences, as young people in recovery literally act out their own stories of overcoming addiction and other challenges in their lives and present a theme of hope and inspiration.

Click on the slider below to hear Jim Savage discussing The Journey and how the artistic portrayal of an inspirational message contributes to a cultural mythology that elicits positive change.